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Don’t freak out! This is not a contract; it will not be used to force you to engage with L2L. It’s simply a way to encourage you to participate in a particular way — and to be reminded of what you have committed to.

Recognizing that I will not just drift into discipleship and that growth requires intentionality and sacrifice, I am committing myself — with God’s help — to be as full a participant in Learning to Live as I can be.

To the best of my abilities, I will endeavor to faithfully:


  • attend all small group gatherings and weekend experiences on time unless a genuine emergency arises;

  • prepare by reading the daily devotional passages, and reflecting on the journal questions;

  • participate openly and honestly in all the sessions;

  • pray for my fellow group members and for our experience together as I am able;

  • keep confidential any personal matters shared by others in our meetings;

  • be forthright, truthful, and appropriately open in what I say;

  • respect others in the group, not judging, giving advice unless asked, or criticizing;

  • care for the needs of each person in appropriate ways.

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